In many emerging economies, the banking infrastructure struggles to serve the vast population of underbanked citizens, resulting in a cash-dominant society. Traditional Visa and Mastercard tap-and-go solutions, while advanced, were not the answer – they were costly to implement and under-utilized due to high fees. The VeryPay team realized that Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) in emerging markets could benefit from the speed and convenience of closed-loop contactless tap and go payment technology.
We envisioned a solution that wasn’t just another payment system but an extension of existing mobile money technologies. Our goal was to enhance eWallet functionality, making it more accessible and practical without the burdensome costs or the need for a traditional bank account.

Combining several existing technologies, we crafted VeryPay’s digital payment infrastructure – closed-loop contactless tap and go payment technology. a unique ‘wallet companion platform.’
Launched in the DRC in 2021, it was more than a product; it was a catalyst for financial accessibility and inclusion.