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Private Equity: It sounds like such a simple business model. Buy a business, grow it and then sell it on for a handsome return. If only it was that easy…

We’ve been helping our Private Equity clients for the past 15 years. They come to us because we’re experts at helping them develop and deliver when presentations really matter. If you think about the PE industry over the past 20 years, so much of the process has been refined and professionalised, but so often, the presentations that really count are based more on hunch than science, and are left to advisors who may be expert at something, but are certainly not expert communicators.


You’ve got a great track record, your last fund returned X, and yet it’s still a struggle to raise new funds because today’s environment is so competitive. There are twice as many funds as 10 years ago chasing the same pot of investors, so in order to succeed you really need to stand out. The competition has upped its game, so if you’re just delivering the same investor presentation you’ve been using for years, maybe it’s time for a rethink?


Not every investment goes to plan, but keeping your investors happy and ‘on-side’ when things aren’t going quite so well is all part of the game. Your integrity is at stake when communicating with your investors – you need to tell it how it is, at the same time you need to build-on and maintain the trust they have in you. When you’re close to your portfolio businesses, it’s difficult to keep that broad perspective – we can bring that perspective when you’re telling the stories of your successes and your ‘not quite yet’ successes to your investors.


Imagine for a moment you’re a car company. You’ve spent years researching your customers, you’ve spent €1bn and 6 years developing a new model to make it the best it can be and ready for the market. You then decide that customers are completely logical creatures and will be able to make their purchase decision based purely on the technical specification of the car, so instead of investing in glossy brochures and marketing material, you decide to publish and share with the public all the technical specification.

My guess is that this would end up an unmitigated disaster. Why? Because despite what we think, it takes more than logic to persuade us to part with our hard earned money to buy a car. Buying & selling businesses is no different.

Have you ever wondered how much value is being left on the table because you’re essentially selling your portfolio businesses with a glorified technical manual (an IM turned into a slide deck)?

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